What Trilix Can Do For You

Trilix offers a wide range of services to help you establishing a successful eCommerce B2C or B2B business. We understand that every business case is unique. If you have any questions regarding our services or have specific inquiries that need to be considered, feel free to contact us anytime for more details. We can do it!

Installation and Development Installation and Development

  • full Magento B2C/B2B based projects
  • solution architecture
  • back-end development
  • front-end development
  • performance optimization
  • code assurance

Support Support

Customer support is an essential part of the Magento eCommerce solution. Our dedicated team provides you with continuous maintenance and support for already launched shops, including:

New functionalities.
You like to change or add new features to your store? We can do IT!
Bug fixing.
We know that fixing bugs is time consuming, tedious and negatively affects running stores. Just create a ticket and our team will fix it in accordance with the agreed SLA.
Patches and Extensions installation.
However you wish to extend your Magento store, we can install it for you.

Extensions Development Extensions Development

Trilix is experienced in building extensions like payment gateways for both Magento and Magento 2 platforms, no matter if they are rather simple or fairly complex. We will customize Magento to fully suit your business demands!

Business Analysis Consulting Business Analysis Consulting

Trilix offers a best practices consulting for the services in your eCommerce strategy. Maximizing the outcome of your business is our main goal. In addition to our own team we are established within a large partner network that includes specialists in various areas of eCommerce with whom we collaborate intensively to achieve the best results for you.

We provide the following analyses to help you optimizing your business:

  • strengths
  • weaknesses
  • opportunities
  • threats

Integrations Integrations

Modern applications rarely live in isolation. We are aware that every online shop system benefits from integrating applications: whether your PIM application should communicate with the ERP system, your eCommerce platform needs to synchronize data with your PIM application or your CRM application needs to be interconnected to the help desk system.

With our longstanding expertise we will integrate the necessary systems into your Magento shop(s):

  • ERP
  • CRM
  • PIM
  • Web portals

Migration from Magento to Magento2 Migration from Magento to Magento2

With the release of Magento 2, a modernized and improved technology stack became available. In order to benefit from this innovation and to stay competitive, it is important for stores to plan their migration to Magento 2 sooner rather than later.

We will assist you in this endeavour by providing:

  • full projects migration
  • extensions migration
  • customizations migration
  • data migration

Magento & Magento2

Magento evolved to be the leading eCommerce platform because it emerged based on the ultimate goal to meet the customer's needs and is built for professional enterprise usage. Since its release in 2008, Magento stands for agile development, easy customization and unprecedented flexibility. Due to Magento’s modular architecture the platform smoothly adjusts and advances according to emerging enterprise changes.

Two years ago Magento 2 has appeared on the eCommerce scene offering a yet increased user experience. This new Magento version comes with a modernized technology stack which simplifies the process of incorporating external integrations and accelerates upgrade procedures. These improvements lead to the overall enhanced scalability and performance of Magento 2.

The Trilix team consists of qualified Magento enthusiasts. Having been part of the Ukraine-based Magento core development work force the Trilix founders, Ruslan Voitenko and Oleksandr Gotgelf, actively shaped and advanced the Magento platform since its beta development in 2007. Numerous eCommerce solutions emerged from their high expertise and deep knowledge about Magento ever since. This longstanding experience resulted in successful Magento implementations for both the B2C and B2B marketers.

It is our utmost goal to apply our Magento expertise to the customer’s individual needs and to provide the most efficient and powerful Magento implementation possible!

Our Quality is Certified!

Trilix is dedicated to Magento! Because we are committed to unlocking the potential of every Magento implementation Trilix constantly broadens its technological know-how and, thus, successfully faces upcoming and unexpected challenges. Trilix does not only promise high quality Magento implementations but is also an acknowledged Magento certified expert.

What is more, Trilix is a gold partner of the Meet Magento Association. The Meet Magento Association connects people around Magento all over the world. It supports businesses to expand internationally, enables innovation around the globe and provides unique market insights. The Trilix partnership with the Meet Magento Association fosters strong partner networks with everyone involved in the Magento eCommerce landscape, including merchants, agencies, developers, system integrators and companies of different kinds that are interested in entering new markets.

Why Magento?

Magento is the World’s #1 eCommerce Platform
  • Huge community — 150K+ developers
  • 260K+ Installations around the world
  • Trusted by leadings brands all over the world
Made For eCommerce
Magento was developed to serve as a stand-alone eCommerce platform and is designed to specifically meet the customer’s needs in advancing his online business.
Modular and Scalable
Magento's modular architecture allows for a flexible eCommerce platform setup that always matches business requirements. Even if a business becomes more complex Magento scales up according to newly arising demands, growing in parallel to the business evolution straight from the beginning.
Easy Integrations
Because Magento developers know that the success of a business also depends on a seamless interconnection of various applications within its eCommerce technology stack, the integrability of other essential applications was considered a crucial design issue. As a consequence, Magento stores provide extensible APIs that enable an easy and effortless integration of systems or applications like ERP, PIM, CMS, payment gateways or shipping providers.
SEO Friendly
Magento is one of the most search engine-friendly eCommerce platforms. Products offered within a Magento online store are easier and more accurately found in search engine requests than the same products offered by Web shops based on other platforms.
Responsive Web Design
Nowadays, increasing the visibility of an online shop by additionally providing a shop version on mobile devices becomes more and more important. With Magento’s modern mobile-optimized technology stack developing a responsive Web frontend has never been easier.
Open Source
Magento provides two main versions, a very renowned and continuously growing free Community Edition with thousands of active users and also an Enterprise Edition. Additionally, the Magento marketplace offers a lot of different extensions with features that meet plenty of online shop demands.
Magento supports multiple languages and currencies to suit business localization needs.
Not to Forget: Magento 2 Introduces New Possibilities for B2B Businesses
With Magento you can create an outstanding online shop experience that exceeds the customers’ needs. These usually include the following issues that are solved by Magento::
  • robust account management
  • material/inventory management
  • negotiated pricing terms
  • robust business system integrations
  • bulk orders