Akeneo PIM

What Trilix Can Do For You

Installation and Development Installation and Development

  • full Akeneo PIM implementation
  • bundles development
  • solution architecture
  • back-end development
  • front-end development
  • code assurance

Support Support

Customer support is an essential part of any application. Our dedicated team can provide you with continuous maintenance and support of:

New functionalities.
You like to change or add new features to your Akeneo PIM implementation? We can do IT!
Bug fixing.
We know that fixing bugs is time consuming, tedious and negatively affects running stores. Just create a ticket and our team will fix it in accordance with the agreed SLA.

Integrations Integrations

Modern applications rarely live in isolation. Whether your PIM application should communicate with your ERP system or your eCommerce platform should synchronize data with your PIM application, any system benefits from integrating other business applications.

Trilix is experienced in implementing different types of integrations into the Akeneo PIM system:

  • eCommerce platforms (Magento & Magento 2)
  • external marketplaces like Amazon or Ebay
  • different product data sources
  • ERP
  • print channels

Business Analysis Consulting Business Analysis Consulting

Trilix is committed to assist you in developing your business by implementing your Akeneo PIM perfectly tailored to your specific business requirements.

Our main goal is to assess the extent of your product portfolio and to evaluate your opportunities in order to become well established in the multi-channel marketing landscape.

Trilix is Official Akeneo Partner

Trilix is a Bronze Solution Partner of Akeneo.

Products are in the centre of every business. Usually, a lot of different people within a company need to manage, create and process product information for various purposes. This poses demanding challenges regarding the whole business infrastructure. Coming from the Magento ecosystem we know how important product data quality and management is for a successful eCommerce business. If you like to control your product quality in a centralized way that is also adaptable to all commerce channels, then a PIM system will fulfill your needs.

The PIM system Akeneo has proven to significantly reduce the time and costs for managing product catalogs, decrease the time to market, facilitate content publishing across different channels, provide efficient product quality and completeness checks and to enable the exploration of the global market by streamlining localization workflows. The numerous Akeneo customer success stories convinced us to become an official Akeneo solution partner. By that Trilix is a featured expert receiving extensive support and training directly from Akeneo. Therefore, we can assist you in implementing the Akeneo PIM system by integrating it into Magento shops and providing ongoing training and support if required. Find out more interesting insights into Akeneo in this Trilix interview.

During the last three years we successfully implemented Akeneo PIM systems and integrated them into Magento shops. Because we go one step further by aiming at creating powerful synergy effects between Magento shops and Akeneo, Trilix is continuously working on developing specialized applications such as the PIM to Magento 2 integration API.

Why Akeneo PIM?

Business Oriented
The Akeneo Enterprise Edition is designed to fit into whole business strategies by optimizing workflows, processes and content management while always focussing on a seamless interconnection of all marketing channels.
User-Friendly Interface
Akeneo is renowned for its easy and intuitive product grid. Just get started - no instructions needed.
Enjoy robustness that scales. No matter if you manage one thousand or one million products.
Flexible Data Model
Customize to your needs: with easy system integration, PIM extensions and data import from virtually any source.
Tailored to eCommerce
Sort, classify and edit your products the way you need. Advance your eCommerce business by organizing your products in the most efficient way.
Open Source
High quality for free: more than 40.000 active implementations speak for themselves. Join this large community and benefit from valuable user experiences.
Be ready to hit the global market: choose from more than 210 available localizations.
Easy Application Integration
You are already using other business applications and do not want to miss them? No problem: the Akeneo PIM allows for an easy integration of third-party systems.