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Dominik Röming, CEO, WDT Vision Trading

WDT Vision Trading

As an eCommerce subsidiary of the industrial and provident society of German veterinarians, the WDT Vision Trading GmbH & Co. KG focuses on the sales of animal health products and nutritional supplements. Up till now WDT Vision Trading is running the www.tierarzt24.de, www.tierarzt24.ch and www.leuchthalsband.de online shops and offers their product range on external marketplaces such as eBay or Amazon. While the main business is aimed at end customers, veterinarians also have the possibility to participate in the sales process as an affiliate.

The Challenge

For the Tierarzt24 project the centralization of the product data management posed the main objective. Especially creating, editing and enriching product information should be manageable in a single environment. In addition to that, the product data needed to be delivered easily not only to the online shop of Tierarzt24 but also to other marketplaces based on NopCommerce and Speed4Trade

Our Solution

In order to guarantee a smooth and unified product data management the PIM system from Akeneo was chosen and fully implemented. Since the business processes of the Tierarzt24 team have been established over many years, Trilix developed missing parts and adapted Akeneo to enable a workflow according to the business needs. The whole software setup could be achieved in only six months and the product managers took up the new software very well.

The second issue of spreading the product data across different marketplaces was tackled by using the Trilix P2M Solution. P2M is an extension that can be fully integrated into Akeneo and that allows for a real-time synchronization between product data in Akeneo and one or more marketplace instances. Having already proven to be a highly satisfactory solution for the Magento 2 platform, Trilix was glad to follow the request of the Tierarzt24 team to additionally develop a connector from Akeneo to the NopCommerce and Speed4Trade marketplaces. As a result, the Tierarzt24 product data can be spread to multiple different marketplaces in a very fast, highly efficient and controlled way by using the developed P2M framework together with Akeneo’s PIM system.

The eCommerce Stack

  • eCommerce platform: NopCommerce
  • PIM system: Akeneo
  • P2M integration


  • Consultancy and support of product management within the Akeneo PIM system
  • Development of additional features for adapting Akeneo to pre-existing Tierarzt24 business processes
  • P2M integration development, setup and configuration of:
    • NopCommerce Connector
    • Speed4Trade Connector