Product Import Mapping

Product Import Mapping

Product Import Mapping

The Product Import Mapping is an extension for the Akeneo PIM system that facilitates the import of product data from Excel and CSV files. A preprocessing that requires the adjustment of the column headers within these files is no longer necessary. Instead, the Product Import Mapping allows you to manage the mapping from the tabular data headers to the Akeneo families, groups and attributes directly within Akeneo’s user-friendly interface. Due to the automapping feature, existing column headers are recognized and matching attributes - if found - will be already mapped accordingly. A quick and easy adjustment of the mappings is enabled by the provided drop-down menus. Finally, every created mapping can be saved within an import profile which allows for a fast reuse at anytime.


Trilix and Vision IT are eCommerce partner companies that already worked together on the development of the BMEcat Import Connector. Taking up the success of this outcome that emerged from their conducive collaboration, both companies joined their forces again to create the Product Import Mapping. Their individual expertises were united in that Vision IT took care of the business part and the requirement assessment while Trilix supplied the technological implementation accordingly. As a result, another Akeneo extension could be created that enhances the customer’s user experience.

Our Solution

As usual, Trilix developed a user-friendly Akeneo extension that is easy to install and run. With the Product Import Mapping special emphasis was placed on the automapping feature. The Trilix team succeeded in programming this feature to be precise and comprehensive to make it a real support and time saver to the customer.


  • supports Excel and CSV files
  • compatible with Akeneo 2.2 and 2.3
  • compatible with Akeneo community and enterprise editions and cloud flexibility edition
  • automapping analysis
  • creation of reusable import profiles
  • maps import of:
    • attributes
    • locales
    • channels
    • currencies