Oasis Floral Products

Oasis Floral Products

_Trilix was very motivated and fast in implementation. The team always was easy to reach and helped immediately in solving existing problems.

Mehtap Top, Manager New Business Development, Smithers-OASIS Germany


Established in 1954, Smithers-Oasis is dedicated to advancing the art and science of floriculture through the development of innovative products. Since then, the company has grown into a leading global manufacturer and marketer of floral foam, floral accessory products, cellular growing media, and postharvest products. Today, OASIS® is the most recognized and trusted brand in the floral industry.

Their mission is to make OASIS® branded floral foam and products both the preferred choice and purchase decision of florists and floral designers around the world.


Following the recommendation of their consulting partner Vision IT, Oasis chose Trilix as their service partner to realize part of their business goals. Trilix was very excited and highly motivated about the project from the very beginning. A frequent exchange about the working steps and collaboratively solving occurring problems right away, finally lead to this successful project outcome.

The Challenge

In order to offer Oasis’ outstanding product range to German florists and retailers a B2B online shop was needed to create an optimal customer experience. For this project Trilix was faced with a very short time span of only five months. Within this time a new Magento 2 shop had to be developed from scratch. On top of that the new software environment had to be ready-to-use quickly and intuitively in order to reduce the initial training time as much as possible. Associated with that challenge the Magento 2 shop and Akeneo PIM system solution should be integrated in the most efficient way bringing together all kinds of information with the least manual effort.

Our Solution

In 2017 Trilix has supported Oasis to launch their mobile-optimized online shop which is based on Magento 2 and integrates it with the Akeneo PIM system and Oracle EnterpriseOne ERP system. In order to bring the rich heritage of the Oasis brand to the consumers in a user-friendly way Trilix designed an intuitive online store that is easy to navigate and available from any device.

Oasis manages its full range of product data inside the Akeneo PIM system. The stock and price information is retrieved every day from the ERP system. The necessary synchronization between this data and the Magento 2 shop is achieved by using the in-house built Trilix P2M Solution. This allows to publish all changes that occur in the Akeneo PIM system within the Magento shop system on a daily basis and in real time. Furthermore, Trilix has set up an integration between the Magento shop and the Oracle EnterpriseOne ERP to send order information every day.

The eCommerce Stack

  • eCommerce platform: Magento 2
  • PIM system: Akeneo
  • ERP system: Oracle EnterpriseOne


  • Integration of Magento 2 and Akeneo PIM
  • Integration of Magento 2 and Oracle EnterpriseOne ERP
  • B2B sales for suppliers
  • Individualized customer registration process