Kübler Sport

Kübler Sport

“Thanks to a structured project management and a close exchange, projects as well as individual tasks are realized quickly and straightforwardly. With Trilix we have thus gained the perfect provider for our advancements of Akeneo. Moreover, the collaboration is fair, competent and honest at all times! At the beginning of our collaborative work we had major difficulties with our former interface between Akeneo 1 and our online shop. By migrating to Akeneo 2 and P2M by Trilix a much more stable and easier maintainable connection could be reached which allowed us to significantly increase the data quality of our online shop. During the implementation, Trilix smoothly adapted the P2M extension according to our needs and the existing business logics. Additionally, by connecting via API all synchronizations can be logged which enables a clear error analysis. We are convinced that P2M is currently one of the best connectors between Akeneo 2 and Magento 2 available on the market. ”

Chris Rentschler, Strategic Management E-Commerce

Kübler Sport

Founded in 1993, Kübler Sport is a German family-run company that offers sports equipment for schools, clubs and practices. For over 30 years a team of sport enthusiasts is dedicated to meeting the training, competition and therapy requirements of their customers. Today, more than 15.000 high quality products for individual sports, teams, sport clubs and physiotherapists are available in the Kübler Sport online shop. Many articles comply to safety standards by being tested by the TÜV, carrying the GS-sign or being certified by sport associations such as the FIFA. In addition to offering single sport products, the company further provides the complete planning and construction of sport arenas, including technical drawings, transportation logistics and installation. Thus, standing for high quality products and best service, Kübler Sport is renowned as a trusted partner and competent sports equipment provider with international outreach.


Like many online shop operators Kübler Sport is well aware of the importance of a reliable connection between the Magento stores and the Akeneo PIM system. Struggling with a recommended free solution lead to the search for new approaches and, eventually, to the collaboration with Trilix. Since the implemented solution back then resulted only in unexpected service and maintenance costs but still no stable seamless integration between Magento and Akeneo, Kübler Sport decided to use P2M. Soon, the expectations to work with an extension that can be easily integrated via API solving exactly the existing synchronization issues between the two systems could be met. As a consequence, being highly satisfied with the final outcomes resulting from the implementation of P2M, Kübler Sport extended the collaboration with Trilix, which is now their trusted partner for the long-term full service support and custom development of their Akeneo installation.

The Challenge

The 15.000 products Kübler Sport is managing with Magento and Akeneo, taken alone, already entail an enormous maintenance effort. Additionally, caution and time needs to be invested to validate and ensure the accuracy and quality of the published product data within the Magento store instance. However, Trilix was able to cope with these challenges by using the full range of possibilities of the P2M extension API. As a result, all issues that naturally come with product catalogs of this size, such as intransparent and unpredictable data exchange processes, error-prone synchronizations as well as data inconsistencies, could be resolved.

Our Solution

By implementing the P2M extension a robust and transparent product data delivery process from Akeneo to Magento could be achieved within the existing system setup. Before, product data was directly imported from Akeneo without any rectification of the differing data structures, which required large amounts of time that had to be invested afterwards into validating and cleaning up the data in Magento. Working now with the user-friendly interface that comes with P2M, the Kübler Sport catalog editors are able to decide what data changes should be sent to Magento before the data is transmitted and published on the online store website.

Moreover, P2M works on an editing-based approach for synchronizing Magento data with changes made within Akeneo. That means additions, changes and deletions are detected within product descriptions, categories, attributes and options within Akeneo, including even large amounts of data for reference attributes, and only those are delivered to the Magento store platform. In addition to that, notifications point out data that is held back until fixed, preventing faulty data from being published. As a result, time could be saved and the data curation enhanced because P2M automatically validated the data structure consistency and only displayed the critical results, including concrete errors in product descriptions and identified duplicate categories. Consequently, the P2M extension did not only ensure that no outdated information was published but was moreover able to account for any complexity and volume of the Kübler Sport data catalog.

The eCommerce Stack

  • eCommerce platform: Magento Comunity Edition 2.2.8
  • PIM system: Akeneo Enterprise 2.3 (Enterprise Edition)


  • Integration of Magento and Akeneo with P2M integration extension API
  • Products URL Management with regard to the integration between Akeneo and Magento
  • Mapping for system attributes with regard to the integration between Akeneo and Magento
  • Support for metric types (as options for configurable products) with regard to the integration between Akeneo and Magento
  • Custom Product Models creation
  • Custom Products name management
  • Inherent catalog data consistency between Magento and Akeneo
  • Akeneo upgrades