Akeneo PIM BMEcat Import Connector

Akeneo PIM BMEcat Import Connector

Akeneo PIM BMEcat Import Connector

BMEcat is an established catalog data exchange format based on XML. Reading and processing BMEcat files, however, poses a tedious and time consuming task for many companies and often requires the acquisition of according technology. This obstacle does not longer exist for businesses already using Akeneo’s PIM system. With the BMEcat Import Connector product catalogs based on BMEcat files can be easily integrated into an existing Akeneo PIM environment. All there is to do is to create a BMEcat import job, run the analyzer, let it catch all product information and features of the BMEcat catalog, and map them to your accustomed Akeneo attribute set.


The BMEcat Import Connector was developed by Trilix on behalf of Vision IT. Both companies are working together as partners whenever joining their individual expertises will lead to the best customer experience. In this case, the collaborative work was realized by Vision IT taking care of the business part and the requirement assessment, while Trilix contributed the technological implementation of this Akeneo extension. The creation of the BMEcat Import Connector is yet another proof of how the symbiotic work between eCommerce partner companies turns the identification of real customer needs into high quality and user-friendly software solutions.

Our Solution

Based on the well-conceived requirements for the BMEcat Import Connector provided by Vision IT, Trilix was able to put them into realization. Being already known for tailoring software to the customers’ user needs, the Trilix technology development team created this Akeneo extension, as usual, as being easy to install, run and work with while pertaining all necessary features at the same time.


  • supports BMEcat versions 1.2 and 2005
  • compatible with Akeneo 2.2 or higher community and enterprise editions
  • full BMEcat catalog integration, including:
    • product data import
    • category import
    • product association import
    • preservation of catalog structure