About us

We at Trilix love everything around eCommerce! The founders, Ruslan Voitenko and Oleksandr Gotgelf, discovered their passion for digital commerce when they became part of the Ukrainian based Magento development team in 2008. With the release of the open source platform they were not only Magento experts but also full of enthusiasm to use their skills and experiences to realize unique eCommerce software solutions that are made together with and for the customers. The Trilix team consists of developers that devote their daily work to solve the biggest problems that occur when starting or extending an eCommerce business.
Because we know that this new endeavour comes with pressing issues for the businesses: Which platform and other systems do we need for our business model? Who can implement the new technologies? How is the additional software integrable into our existing technology stack? How much training will be necessary to efficiently work with the eCommerce platform and who will provide it? Who will maintain and support the system? How can we customize the technologies to meet our specific business needs? We are there to assist our clients in finding the right answers to these questions and to support them actively in reaching their goals.
Every company is unique and deserves solutions that are tailored to their needs. It is our mission at Trilix to realize the best services possible within a productive and respectful cooperation with our clients that successfully brings their outstanding products and business ideas to the digital marketplace.

Our Values

Entrepreneurial Spirit.
We are independent and free minded software artists that see challenges as chances for constant improvement.
We value our customers as part of the team and as business partners. The customer’s needs are in the centre of our daily endeavour! Being highly responsive and providing a 24h support is a matter of course. We are dedicated to offer only the best quality of service to our clients and are convinced that together we will reach incredible results.
We strive to contribute to the eCommerce community and to demonstrate entrepreneurial social responsibility.
We constantly work on creating efficient workflows and innovative products to become a dynamic and fast­-moving company.
We believe that fair, respectful and open relationships with our clients and business partners are the only one way to business success.
We pursue the development and distribution of new ideas that have the potential to change and shape the eCommerce world.


We understand that the eCommerce landscape is shaped by professionals that have specialized in various areas, such as PIM systems, payment systems or hosting solutions. The emergence of a successful eCommerce business largely depends on the considerate selection of the right partners that can assist you in reaching your goals.

Therefore, we are part of a large network of renowned partners complementing our in-house team. These specialists in different eCommerce fields increase the quality of the services we provide and work with us in a conductive cooperation which is especially advantageous for our clients. The following companies and agencies enable us to offer the best service possible to you.


CrefoPayment GmbH & Co. KG, based in Berlin, supports retailers as a technical service provider with its high-performance processing platform in the acceptance and processing of payments with the most common payment methods, in the eCommerce and directly at the point of service (POS). The most modern and most secure technologies offer customers an individual risk and payment control solution for secure selling on the Internet. Customers can expect fair and transparent prices, a professional and service-oriented team, integrated range of services of the Creditreform group of companies.

Vision IT

Vision IT Consulting GmbH has been consulting around JD Edwards and product information management solutions over the last 10 years.
In addition to the implementation of ERP solutions, Vision IT also supports large organizations and SMEs with the implementation of eCommerce strategies. As an independent advisor Vision IT bridges the gap between ERP and eCommerce by enabling the optimal usage of the product information within the companies’ internal multi-channel and cross-channel strategies.



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