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P2M: The Easy Way to Synchronize and Publish your Product Data

4 Jul5 min read

P2M: The Easy Way to Synchronize and Publish your Product Data

Managing data in a product information management (PIM) system is already itself a tedious and time consuming task. When it then comes to entering the right product information into the marketplace system things can quickly get even more cumbersome, especially if more than one marketplace instance needs to be managed. To many companies this is not an unfamiliar problem. In fact, a lot of manual time is invested in constantly assuring that changes made in the PIM system are delivered correctly to the marketplace system. Oftentimes a smooth synchronization fails due to missing mechanisms that correctly analyze and transform the undertaken changes of the product data in accordance to the technological peculiarities of the marketplace system. As a direct consequence, this might lead to the publication of incomplete or even wrong product data on the online shop website.

P2M: The solution to connect Akeneo PIM with any marketplace

Because many customers have reported similar difficulties, Trilix decided to provide a more suitable solution and has built the P2M (“PIM to Marketplace”) integration application. In contrast to the common and labour-intensive method of exporting and importing product data tables, P2M directly interconnects the PIM with the marketplace system and, thus, also enables a real-time publication of data changes in the online shop. During the last two years Trilix has put all its development expertise into the refinement of the P2M integration which is formerly known as P2M. While P2M was the initial proof of concept that an integration between Akeneo’s PIM system and the Magento 2 platform is living up to the customers’ expectations, P2M has now grown out of this narrow scope and provides integrations not only from Akeneo to Magento 2 but also to NopCommerce and soon to follow to Speed4Trade to accurately deliver product data.

Just as everything at Trilix, P2M was developed to facilitate manual work flows by providing a user-friendly and powerful product that is easy to use at each and every step. This starts already with the implementation. P2M works as a fully integrated extension within Akeneo. It has to be installed once and can be directly used and run at any point during the product editing process. As soon as the usual product editing is finished and ready to be synchronized with the marketplace instance the P2M application can be started with one click. Within a clear and comprehensive interface all structural and content-related differences are displayed. The P2M extension has then analyzed additions and deletions of product descriptions, categories, attributes and families. What is more, P2M also controls the synchronization process in that it displays warnings in a human-understandable way to already rise attention to technical problems that will occur due to the deviations of the product data structure in the marketplace system. Such warnings guarantee that all changes of the product data in Akeneo are transformed and displayed correctly according to the specifications or the marketplace features, which saves the time usually invested in a manual check-up of the online store. All that is left to do is submit the P2M analysis and all product data edits will be published in real-time on the website of the online shop.

All in all, P2M provides three main benefits that no competing solution currently offers:

  1. See only the changes of the product data that are analyzed and display them immediately after the editing process or at any time in between: no tedious crawling through large and cumbersome import and export tables is necessary!
  2. Get a real synchronization between the product data in Akeneo and the marketplace system: Added, changed and even deleted product information will always be automatically adjusted in the marketplace system, leaving manual check-ups controlling if all changes have been truly implemented to be a work step of the past.
  3. Never worry about the technical accuracy and errors of product data published on the shop website: Understandable error-warnings will prevent broken data from going online and are held until fixed.

Get ready for the next level

Multiple Publishing Profiles

On top of that Trilix has added two new functionalities to guarantee an even better user experience to their customers. While P2M came with only one publishing profile, P2M is now providing customizable and unlimited publishing profiles. According to the diverse responsibilities of product data managers separate profiles can be created and specified for different channels, product filters, product families, automated intervals of publishing and many more features. This ensures simultaneous, efficient and independent work of several product data editors without negatively affecting each others work flows.

Multiple Publishing Profiles

Multiple Remote Instances

The second novelty will be a delight for every eCommerce business that struggles with several marketplace instances. Because from now on P2M is able to control changes from Akeneo and deliver the appropriate product data to the right marketplace irrespective of how many marketplace instances need to be managed. Every instance can be independently configured and customized.

Multiple Remote Instances

With the P2M integration for Akeneo, Trilix provides a product that truly enhances online marketing and is a real added value for online businesses that need a solution to everyday and cost-intensive problems. If you are unsatisfied with your current product data publication procedure and are looking for an uncomplicated and easy-to-use application that keeps your product changes always 100% in sync with your Web shop and also automatically ensures technical accuracy in real-time speed, then P2M will be the right solution for you. And this is only the beginning: Trilix is already working on more exciting P2M integrations which are coming soon!

Please, feel free to get in touch with us ( for a demo or more details on how P2M can increase your online business success.

Trilix customers that already use P2M: